Stamped Heart

My neighbor and I have started a Friday morning swap with our boys. One week I watch her son and one week she watches Dylan. This past week, Dylan went to her house. The boys played but also did a little crafting. I was so excited when I saw his completed artwork.

The hearts were stamped using a toilet paper roll dipped in paint. I had actually pinned this idea last year and then forgotten to get around to it in recent weeks.

Photo Credit Nila Garriga Photography
After the paint had dried, each boy "sewed" the edges with yarn through punched holes. So cute. Dylan's is hanging proudly on his art wall in our dining room.

Supplies: paper; toilet paper tube; paint; hole punch; yarn.

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  1. Wow, how cool to have a neighbor you can trade sitting with, but to have a crafty neighbor too! What a sweet Valentine!


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