Snow Day!

Our little snowfall of the year came on Sunday night after Dylan had gone to bed. By morning, there was still a bit on the ground, but not nearly as much. Nonetheless, I had one excited little guy when I opened his curtains and told him to look outside yesterday!

"Snow, Mama! Snow!"
I told him we'd eat a quick breakfast and then go out to play. No. He wanted to outside right then and there. Knowing that it would melt soon, I gave in, layered us up and out we went.

I finally coaxed him inside with the promise of a snow art activity while I fixed our breakfast. I put him in his highchair with watercolors, a brush and a small bowl with some snow in it and encouraged him to paint the snow.

After breakfast, we went outside to play again. This time one of his neighborhood friends joined us. The boys had a blast picking up snow, filling & dumping a bucket, tasting snow (ok, I think that was just Dylan), and cleaning off my car!

When we came inside, I made the boys hot chocolate topped with a bit of Cool Whip ("snow" - they thought that was cool!) to help warm them up. Even with sippy cups, they both managed to sport chocolate mustaches afterward! So funny. For a tiny snowfall, it was a big day of toddler fun!

Tomorrow I'll share the art project we made once we were warm. It involves dinosaurs and snow. :)


  1. How fun! You guys got so much more snow than we did!

  2. okay so I've determined you are the craftiest mom ever....do you know what i said to my toddler when he saw snow? "Lets move it kiddo we can't be late for school...and it's cold out...where is your hat?" I am a crappy mom!!!1 ha! didn't event think to let him play in it :)

  3. What fun for Dylan! It looks like he really likes snow!


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