Peanut Butter Basketball

The basketball themed 1st birthday party we attended last weekend had loads of fantastic decorations and ideas, but, I confess, this was my favorite. I won't admit to how many times I was caught sneaking a bite. ;) Truthfully, just seeing the photo is making me crave it again!

My friend, Stacey, found a delicious recipe from Nestle's website for making a peanut butter ball. Then she took it a step further and placed the morsels so it looked like a basketball. When I asked her how she managed to shape it so perfectly, she let me in a on secret that I personally think is better than the original recipe idea - press the mixture into a bowl to harden. Simple, easy and you have your domed shape.

Add a side of graham cracker sticks (shown) or apple slices.Be forewarned, it won't last long! :)


  1. it looks so yummy. I need to get myself invited to some of these things.

  2. Yeah between that and the pizza I totally blew my diet. But you know what?! Totally worth it. That PB Ball rocked.


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