Mirror Revamp

My Mom has been searching for a mirror for her dining room for a while now. She found one possibility at an antiques shop, but with the price tag of $400 was a bit steep.

During a recent visit, she & I went shopping with the mirror on our list of things to look for. We stumbled across one in HomeGoods for $30! The shape was different but the frame detailing was similar to the pricey antique one. The only problem - the white distressed color of the frame wasn't quite the right style for her dining room.

That's where the local hardware store came in. We bought two cans of Rust-Oleum Hammered Spray Paint in gold, removed the mirror and sprayed the entire frame. Then we attached new hardware on the back for hanging. The only hanger the mirror came with was at one end allowing for vertical hanging. It will look so much better hanging horizontally over her buffet so we switched it. The total cost for the mirror, paint and hardware was under $50.

The end result hanging in my foyer:

And a close up of the detail:

Looking forward to seeing it in her dining room on my next visit!


  1. ... $400 for a mirror???

    good job on the cheaper-frame-that-does-the-same-reflecting-trick!!


  2. I'm glad that the hurricane didn't keep your mom away and that you had such a productive weekend! I love what you did with the mirror!


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