Handprint Crab

When packing for our beach trip, I made sure to toss in a few crafty supplies. One of my plans was to help Dylan create a handprint crab as a souvenir. It turned out to be a great family activity one afternoon when he was wearing down from the sun & water. Trent, Dylan & I returned to the house ahead of the others to make the crab:

Afterwards, we handed him a fresh sheet of paper, the brush and a small plate with additional paints on it so he could make his own masterpiece. The simple fun of painting was exactly the calm, relaxing activity he needed. :)

Supplies: watercolor paper; acrylic paint; googly eyes; glue dots; Micron black pen.


  1. This is so cute and a wonderful momento of your beach trip!

  2. I absolutely LOVE this idea. SO very cute. I bet Dylan had a blast making it. :)


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