Salt Art

I found the idea for Salt Art in a similarly named post at Smilemonsters blog. It looked like a fun thing for Dylan & me to try. I prepped the salt a few days in advance, placing 1/2 cup of salt in each of three bags. I added 6 drops of food coloring to the bags and then shook & squeezed until all the salt was colored.

Since using salt as an art medium would clearly get messy with a 2 year old, we headed outside to the picnic table to create.

Supplies: colored salt, paper plates, foam brush and glue.

In a small bowl I mixed Elmer's glue with water to create a brushable paste for Dylan to use. I handed the brush to Dylan and a paper plate explaining he needed to "paint" on the glue first. Since painting is his current favorite art activity, he immediately jumped into this part.

"Painting" on glue.

Then I showed him how he could pinch a bit of the salt and drop it onto the plate.

Salt drop!

He continued to paint glue and add salt to his plate. Sometimes painting over the salt already there. He did add a bit of the yellow & red pink salts but so little it barely shows in the photos.

Adding more glue over the salt just because. :)

I confess, I got in on the fun too and created my own masterpiece. I was thinking of our beach trip, more specifically the ocean and sunrise, as I added my glue and salts.

Our masterpieces.

After it was done, I realized mine looked more like an Easter egg! ha! Oh well, it was fun to create regardless and we still have a good bit of sand left to play with another day.


  1. It looks like you are creating a lot of wonderful memories for Dylan, and for yourself too.

  2. this is precious! :) such a fun craft to do with a little one!


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