Beach Memories

We were blessed last week to be able to enjoy a beach vacation with friends. Altogether we had 3 families consisting of 6 adults, 3 two year olds and 2 infants in 1 house. It was wonderful and I hope there will be similar future adventures!

A small glimpse at our week ...

Our family.
Sunrises (Dylan decided to shift schedules on vacation so we saw a LOT of these!)
Dive show at the NC Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores.
Playing mini golf.
Walks in the sand.


  1. sounds like a fun time. I would love to have a beach vacation! I need to relax!

  2. All those photos are fantastic. I have to say, that last one of Dylan walking is especially beautiful to me for some reason. Although watching him wield a golf putter also has a lot of entertainment value! :)

  3. Wonderful photos Sarah! You have a great smile and the last shot of Dylan is priceless!


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