Canvas Quote Art

I had a canvas stored in Dylan's closet that I bought several years ago. I had big plans that never materialized until a few weeks ago when a new idea came to mind and I created this for his room using a quote from Dr. Seuss:

It was so simple to do. Here's how to create your own ...
  • Canvas
  • Assorted letter stickers - mine were by American Crafts & Making Memories
  • Paints - white for letters and spray paint for main color
  • Useful tools - pencil, ruler, painter's tape, xacto knife

Paint the canvas in white (or whatever color you want the text to be). I used some white semi-gloss paint left from our Cat Drawer project and actually rolled it onto the canvas. Let dry completely.

Lightly sketch lines with pencil to help align your letters. I started at the bottom knowing I wanted the quote to be in the lower right of the canvas and used painter's tape to mark the base line. This gave me an easy point to measure off of for the rest of the lines which were at 2" spacing. Place your letters.

I literally just dug into my stash of stickers for this project and used a whole mix of styles & sizes.

Spray paint over entire canvas in color of choice. I used Periwinkle by Krylon. Let dry. Check per manufacturer's instructions as to when a second coat can be applied and do so if needed.

After canvas is completely dry (I waited until the next morning just to be sure!), carefully peel off the stickers. Some of mine were coming up on their own. For those that were more stuck, I used my xacto knife to get under one edge so I could pull them off. Even Dylan got involved in this part. :)

Hang and enjoy your artwork!

My completed canvas is hanging in Dylan's room along with his initial (from Pottery Barn Kids) and a shadow box about his first beach trip last year. The grouping perfectly filled a space that had been empty since we moved him to this room. He was so excited to see it and still points at it & comments. I think he especially likes the canvas since he got to help make it. :)


  1. Love this! Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. This is TOO cute! I've love to do something like this in my bedroom. Inspiration given!


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