I recently started buying YoBaby yogurt for Dylan - who loves it and devours every bite. The packaging advertised a rewards program via the Stonyfield Farm website. Being a frugal minded mama, I, of course, went to check it out. While on the website I registered and found the page for printable coupons. I made my selections, clicked print and .... well, no coupons. Instead a webpage telling me I had printed my limit came up. Um, but I wasn't able to print any. I clicked my way over to the "contact us" section, explained my predicament and asked if there was any other way to obtain coupons. I expected I might get an automated response and then, maybe, a real reply in a day or two. I was wrong. I received a response in about an hour's time and was told that some coupons would be mailed to me. Woohoo! This was all last Monday and what did I find in yesterday's mail - my coupons. :)

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  1. Good for you! :-)

    Okay, I'm back to report about the washer cuz the guy just left, how is that for quick service! We called the 800 # that is on the Whirlpool Customer Service site (instead of arranging the repair call online). It was a "stuck float", kind of a freak occurence. The float ball somehow lodged and stuck preventing the water from flowing and draining. He worked on motor by taking off the bottom panel under the door in front (thank goodness). He also checked the filter (the round cylinder in the middle of the area behind that panel), by pinching the water hose shut and then unscrewing the cylinder cover. A tray comes out, and even after 9 years there was hardly anything in it so that wasn't causing it. The pump and the motor were both fine. Had to be the float because there never was any water leaking on the floor. Just would not drain out of the tub. He said that if there was water leaking out, I would have needed to call a plumber to snake my line for cleanout. Anyway, $80 service call and tax for a total of $86.55. xoxo


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