Used a template to create a quick digital page about our fun at the NC Museum of Life + Science last Thursday for our weekly playdate. It was so nice to be able to get out and enjoy an afternoon in the sunshine.

Supplies: Redifined No. 8 template by Sue Cummings (altered from 8x8 to 8.5x11); Myriad Pro & Antique Type fonts.

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  1. Hey what a great template! Love how it shows off the photos so well.

  2. Sarah! Hey it's been a while and there's no way that can be Dylan already! OMG! Well, I guess so...my Missy graduates college in May. Someone definitely needs to clip Time's wings! Where is one of those Greek mythology characters when we need them? Sheesh! winkwink

    Hey, about the washer, the Whirlpool repairman is coming tomorrow so I will let you know how come and how much. Our biggest worry is hoping he can work on it without having to access the back of it cuz it and the dryer are wedged into a 6x6 laundry room.

    Apparently home architects in the late 60's thought they were doing enough to bring the machines in from the garage, but neglected to think about what would happen if they ever needed to be repaired (or moved for spring cleaning). Hopefully you architects are not making the same mistakes today, winkwink. xoxo

  3. Oh my goodness look at him standing at the drum. He is such a cutie and so smiley.


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