What's Wrong?

Several things recently have led me to thinking about part of human nature - curiosity - and how we are especially curious about one another. Isn't that what leads you to read a blog? Peek at a page on Facebook? Read a tweet?

I love watching Dylan when we are out and he stares at perfect strangers. Especially other babies and small children. If you or I were to stare like that, we might get a what are you looking at? expression in return. But with children that natural curiosity is sweet, innocent, simple. Partly because they are taking in that person's uniqueness without judgment or predisposition. His stares are typically met with stares from other children & babies and with smiles from adults.

As we grow and we begin to recognize differences in other people, it becomes easy to glance at someone unknown and think, "what's wrong with that person?" Whether it is a physical difference, a mental difference, a different style of clothing, a different hairstyle, a different opinion, etc. I'm guilty of it. And I don't like that. While thinking about this earlier today, I realized that maybe the question we should be asking instead is, "what's their story? What makes them unique?" Because if you look around, there isn't anything wrong with anyone. God made us all perfect. Yes, He made us all perfect. How we choose to live may be another matter. How we as a society and as individuals choose to view and react to the unique differences we all possess may be also another matter. But we were all made perfect and should rejoice in that blessing.

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  1. Imagine if the whole world would live by that philosophy. Would be a much better world, that's for sure. I know that I am guilty for having those thoughts as well. I do try not to let any initial judgment I have be the final thought and would hope that others give me a similar chance.

  2. Such a beautiful sentiment and a thoughtful, timely post.

    What's her story?
    What's his story?

    I love to people-watch for exactly that reason. And when they catch me looking, I smile at them. :)

  3. Amen. Not only are you unique, you are a very special and talented young woman. I'm glad to know you.


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