8 Months

I think this has been our busiest month to date. Dylan is on the move and there is no stopping him...

* Crawling, crawling, crawling. We had to add our first gate downstairs and are constantly chasing Dylan all over. One trick to get him to return to you (for now) - build a tower of blocks and he can't resist the urge to crawl over and knock them down.

* Claps (looks a bit like patty cake) or grasps hands together and shakes them up & down when he gets really excited. Here Dylan was clapping before taking a ride (with assistance) down the slide on his new climber in the backyard:

* Pulling himself to a stand which led us to lower his crib all the way down.

* Tried a swing for the first time. I was definitely more excited than he was. LOL

* Self feeding Puffs, Cheerios, peas and a little bit of chicken. All with his left hand:

* Loves reading books especially the touch & feel ones with different textures. He reaches out to touch them and to turn pages using his right hand.

* Likes to play "toss" with his O-ball (ie, rolls it to you) using his right hand.

* Chases after the cats. They usually run the opposite direction or jump up on the furniture to escape. I was quite surprised when Cali stayed still just long enough for Dylan to pat her back before she ran off:

* Was baptized.

* Watched his first ACC men's basketball tournament:
* Is a little dare devil! LOL When my mom & I took him swimming, he repeatedly stuck his own face in the water and tried to get away from us. Then while playing on the climber in the backyard, he tries to go down the slide without assistance - head first!

* Started eating yogurt and loved it:

* First trip to a museum - we went with friends to the NC Museum of Life & Science yesterday where one of Dylan's favorite activities was crawling through a tunnel in the play area. There was a slide at the end, but instead of going down, he made a u-turn and raced back through the tunnel again. LOL

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  1. The fun begins. He is just tooo cute, I love the pictures. Time flies enjoy him.

  2. I cant believe he is so big already he is just so darn handsome..

  3. What a big boy! He is doing all sorts of fun things now. Cam is a little behind him. :)

  4. Great post Sarah! Now when I see Dylan's pictures I think of the baby sounds from his recent video :)

  5. Oh my gosh he is getting SO big! And more adorable every day too. :)


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