The Toddler Room

Grateful I thought to take photos last week of Dylan's "toddler room" as it's already transitioning into a "big boy" room with the arrival of his new twin bed this past weekend.

His room was the first to be completed after our move. I wasn't sure how he would take the new room and new house so I set out to get his room set up as fully as possible before he even arrived. That meant little details like getting curtains hung happened immediately. A few details such as wall decor actually did wait a little which was nice as he gave some input. I'm sure he'll have a bit more to say as I rework it to coordinate with the new furniture layout. That will have to be another post! For now, here's how his room looked before we started the transition to "big boy."

From the hall looking in.

Bookcase & closet at back of room. (Details on art trio over bookcase here.)

Toddler bed and bookcase. His new twin bed is now along the wall where the bookcase was.

Looking back toward door at the dresser & reading corner. Also a rare capture of Cali in his room - she still isn't so sure about Dylan. ;)


  1. I love the art trio. I've been thinking of doing something similar in Ellie's room. He has such a nice big, bright room! It is a great idea to capture their room's as they change and grow into new stages. I can't believe your boy has gotten so big so fast!

    1. Yes, enjoy those moments - they grow so quickly.

  2. SO cute! Brayden's room is currently a disaster zone as I just keep putting off finding a home for all of his tractors. Maybe this weekend I will get it done!

  3. Hey Cali it is great to see you!


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