Booster Seat

Sometimes I feel as though every time I blink we hit another milestone! The move to a booster seat was the most recent. Only one car so far as the carseat in mine has higher limits. But, when Dylan hit the 40" mark last month, he hit the height limit on the carseat in Trent's car so we went shopping for a replacement and moved up to a high back booster. He's loving his new "big boy" seat and, thankfully, not refusing the carseat still when he rides in my car.

Supplies: En Route kit by Erica Coombs; Grunge frames by Jen Allyson; You are All Boy papers by Sarah Sullivan; This Week elements by Karla Dudley; American Typewriter font.

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  1. I need to do some looking on the requirements for this-- Brayden would LOVE a booster SO much more!


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