Super Bowl XLVII

Yesterday was our first at home, by ourselves Super Bowl Sunday in several years. It was perfectly awesome too. While I've loved our fun with friends the past few Super Bowls, it was nice to spend a quiet evening in the night before a work/school day when we all have to be up early.

The boys (bless them) went grocery shopping in the afternoon without me so I could finish some stuff around the house. They returned with food for our week's dinner menu plan and for our "party." We had homemade Chex Mix, Harris Teeter take & bake pizza, and fresh veggies with dip.

Dylan's Cars party plate he fixed himself.
Then we ate our first official meal at our new kitchen table. We've actually had it since November, but as it was a Craigslist find ($15!) and I'm still searching for chairs I like - it mainly gets used as a spot for Dylan and I to craft. Last night we pushed the crafts aside, grabbed chairs from the dining room and piled around it so we could watch the game and all eat together.

Our $15 Craigslist find in November - kid not included ;)
(and proud that the drill and 2 of those boxes are now put up!)
Dylan was in bed by halftime. It wasn't long after before I was on the couch in my pjs with a glass of wine watching the ads (really, I'm not that into the game itself) with Trent. Perfect end to our weekend.


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