Paper Plate Dinosaur

Dinosaurs continue to be a big hit in this house. As part of celebrating Draw a Dinosaur Day at the end of January, we also made a paper plate dinosaur. Here's how ...


  • paper plate
  • markers, crayons or paint to color the plate
  • scissors
  • brads (glue or tape could also be used)

Start by coloring a paper plate. We used markers, but crayons or paint would also work.

Cut the plate into 3 pieces as shown below by cutting it in half and then cutting one of the pieces in half.

From the one of the quarter pieces, help your child cut a tail. Start at the smooth portion and cut a curve back toward the outer edge of the plate on the opposite side of the piece to create the tail. Don't toss the extra piece. Set it aside. Then take the other quarter piece and cut a neck/head shape. Again, save the remaining portion. Attach the tail and neck/head using brads (glue or tape could also be used).

Take the "extra" pieces left from cutting the tail and neck/head and cut 4 legs. Attach these to the body as well.

That's it - you've made a dinosaur! (How Dylan got his to stand on it's own is beyond me! Preschooler magic?)

A version of this post originally ran on January 24, 2013 for Arts & Crafts Thursday at Notes from a Mom in Chapel Hill blog here.


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