In Progress: Toddler Sun Hat

I kept finding adorable toddler sun hats on Etsy and thinking, "I can do that."  Yesterday, Dylan and I ran a few errands including picking up fabric so I could give it a try.  Here's a peek at the hat in progress:

The crown is complete.  Just need to add the brim and ties.  It's been more challenging that I imagined, but I am excited to see it coming together.  I'll share photos of the finished project soon.


  1. Oh, that's so (SEW!) cute! Before you know it, you'll be selling them! :)

  2. How cute! I bought Cam a sun hat on clearance for $2 last year but he won't wear it. He doesn't like things on his head. Maybe next year. :)

  3. You found the perfect fabric. Dylan will look so cute in this! Good going Sarah!


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