Week in a Nutshell

This week has been incredibly busy. Far from creatively productive (struggling there), but full in so many other ways ...

I've been packing more boxes. Still many, many more to go with only 6 weeks until closing.

We've looked at 8 more houses since Saturday and finally found 1 we are interested in. :)

The inspection of our current house took place on Tuesday. Thankful for a good friend letting Dylan & I hang out at her house while that was going on. Still waiting on the full report.

Dylan & I met friends at Oval Drive Park in Durham (our first visit - the pirate 'ship' is awesome!) and hosted our weekly playgroup get together.

I thought about blogging on Wednesday. I took a nap instead. :) The right choice.

I've worked 4 nights at my part time job since Saturday. Starting tomorrow I'll be working the closing shift for 4 nights straight.

My dad visited on Monday and watched Dylan while I attended a funeral for a friend's grandmother. She will definitely be missed and is probably having a blast in Heaven. Grateful to have known her. How many grandmothers take their granddaughter and friend to FL on spring break? Yes, there's a story there and it takes a unique individual to do that! :)


  1. busy week! I've been slacking in the blogging department. :/

  2. Whew, your week has ME needing a nap! Hope it slows done a bit and your creative juices kick in...let me know when you want to get together again!


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