Mark it Sold

I hadn't intended to go nearly a week without blogging, but sometimes real life takes priority and some things fall by the wayside. Thus, I let blogging slide. And I have good reasons ...

First, I worked Friday through Sunday as it was tax free weekend. No getting out of that when you're part time retail. Honestly, I'm officially terrified of the holidays. Amazing how a 6.75% "discount" on select items causes people to go crazy shopping. Thankfully most of the shoppers were friendly and patient. Most. Regardless, I was exhausted from all the time on my feet and just wanted to spend my off hours with my family.

Second, last week we met with our Realtor and set this past Monday as the day to put our house on the market. We had been holding off as we finished clearing out more stuff and searching for options for our next home. Trent, myself and our Realtor expected our house would sell fast due to price and location so we were trying to be prepared to act quickly once we had an offer on ours. Ha! We had two showing requests on Monday (only one happened) and had an offer yesterday morning. Um, yes, that would be less than 24 hours on the market. Again, we expected it to sell fast but not THAT fast. We reached a deal last night and as of this morning the paperwork is signed with closing set at the end of September. I'm still in a bit of shock!

Now, we have even more packing to do and have to determine where we go next. We're going to look at more houses on Saturday. As we plan this to stay in the next house for 20-30 years, we aren't willing to do too much settling so if we can't find something that's pretty close to right, we'll have to find an apartment while we continue our search. It's going to be an interesting 7 weeks to say the least!


  1. Congrats on selling so quick! Good luck with the house hunting! :-)

  2. Wow, Sarah, that is fast! Good luck on your house hunting. I hope you only have to move once.

  3. good news for you, although it means having to speed up your search!!

  4. That is awesome that your home sold so quickly! Hoping the right place comes around soon!


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