favorites at 3

Last fall, I pinned an idea to ask your child 20 questions each birthday beginning at age 3. Dylan participated for 11 of them. I'll take that as a success. Some answers were expected (favorite TV show - Tom & Jerry) and others had Trent & I laughing (favorite thing to eat for lunch? "Dinosaurs eat lunch." what???).

Inspired by the greens, blues & yellows in this month's Swatch Challenge at DHD, I paired his answers with my favorite photos from our photo shoot last month. I'm curious to see what answers I get next year!

Supplies: Convo Piece No 3 template by Paisless Press & One Little Bird; Design House Digital's NSD 2011 collaborative kit; This Week brushes by Karla Dudley; banner from DHD's August Swatch Challenge.

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  1. This is a very neat idea and I imagine I pinned it as well and then promptly forgot all about it! Thanks for the reminder! :)


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