new addiction in town

That's right. Move over Pinterest (although I do still love you). I have a new addiction - Houzz. I actually stumbled across it via a pin on Pinterest while searching for kitchen ideas and then later that same night a friend mentioned it to me.

I am now hooked. You see, it's sort of a like the Pinterest of house ideas. Rather than boards, there are ideabooks. You can create one for every room and space. There are also forums where you can interact with other members whether to ask a question or get advice/suggestions.

As we search for our next house, we're finding a few possibilities in our price range that have potential but aren't quite our dream home. I'm finding great ideas on Houzz to help us find that inspiration for what the rooms in these houses could be. It has me quite excited as we head out again tomorrow for another search plus a second look at one home that we're leaning toward.


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