Milk Crate Refresh & Repurpose

While packing up for our move, I've come across a number of forgotten items. This red milk crate was one of those. It dated to college days and had been filled with an assortment of papers and books. Once I sorted those out, I was left with an empty crate that I debated donating before realizing I could use it to organize Dylan's puzzles in our family room.

Although we have accents of red in the room, I planned to place the crate under one of the end tables and wanted it to blend versus pop. I had seen an idea on Pinterest for sewing a cover and initially thought I would do that. Then a quicker solution came to mind - spray paint. We have several leftover cans in our shed and one with a taupe color was perfect (plus it helped me use up something else - 1 more thing we don't have to move!).

A couple of coats later I had a milk crate that looked almost brand new. It fits perfectly beneath the end table and contains most of Dylan's puzzle collection:


  1. Super cute! We still use those in my classroom!

  2. Excellent! I love spray paint. We've got some of those old crates in the basement from college days, too!


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