Fizzy Fun

One of those simple, fun projects I've meant to try with Dylan for some time - mixing colored vinegar and baking soda.

This was a great way to use up an old container of fridge baking soda. It was long past time to switch it out so I just dumped the entire box into a small baking pan. We added a few drops of food coloring to four small bowls with vinegar. (No blue as I forgot we used it up making the "moon dough" for his party favors last month!)

We had a good 30 minutes of play with this project. Dylan loved squirting the colored vinegar into the pan and watching it fizzle and bubble. Then he tried sucking up a bit of the baking soda with the eye dropper and squirting it into the vinegar bowls - more bubbling fun!

He poured colored vinegar between the bowls - mixing the colors. Finally he poured it all into the pan and mixed both with the eye dropper and his hands. It was a brown mess by then, but still a fun textural experiment! We'll definitely try again.


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