Sprinkler + Toddler = Cool Fun

It's been a tad hot to say the least. Literally record breaking temps. On Friday evening, Trent hooked up our sprinkler to try to give the grass and garden in our backyard a bit of relief. He encouraged Dylan to run through it - a completely new experience! The photos cracked me up when he showed me later. I need to get a copy from him (they're on his iPhone).

Last night when he put the sprinkler out again, Dylan was quick to run to the sliding glass door and ask to go out. I grabbed my DSLR and 55-200mm lens to grab a few shots from a safe, dry distance. This one was my favorite:

Supplies: True Blue Solids by Angie Hinksman; Enroute Masks by Erica Coombs; Genuinely You elements by Karen Funk; the Sprats alpha by Gennifer Bursett; Just the Way You Are and Script BT fonts.


  1. Awesome photo and a way cool page, Sarah! Love the hexagon design in the background and the tape at the corners.


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