Whose Idea

The larger our playgroup grows, the more challenging to manage to get us all together. Last summer on one such lucky day, we dared to attempt a photo of all 8 kids. I had to use one of the "Sarcastically Said" banners to title this because it's so true. The entire thing cracks me up now as I think back to how challenging it was to get them all on the couch together. We had several cameras going. Moms making funny faces & noises. Didn't matter. We had kids looking in every direction, serious faces, crying faces, confused faces, and 1 almost smile. The result - one of those perfectly, imperfect shots and an amusing memory. :) Now, wonder if we can manage a get together and try this again now that our group is up to 10 kids ....

Supplies: Sand Lover template by Jen Flaherty; Rocketman kit by Deena Rutter; Hop papers by Sara Schmutz; Cool Britannia elements by Angie Hinksman; Sarcastically Said elements by Gennifer Bursett; DHD's Spring Menagerie papers; Baby Dino solids by Tiffany Tillman; Genuinely You elements by Karen Funk; Digi Essentials by Karla Dudley; Enjoy the Little Things by Sweet Shoppe Designs; Just the Way You Are font.

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