36 Hours

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Last week while in Virginia visiting family, Trent & I took off on our own for a little adventure leaving Dylan with his grandparents and uncle. I took quite a few photos with both my iPhone and DSLR. In the past week, I've uploaded them and created this 5x7 photo book on Shutterfly. This is the fastest I've ever created a photo book and only 2nd time I've done so using Shutterfly's components exclusively (usually I upload full pages I've created in Photoshop). I started with one of the template books (Pictogram) and used a mixture of idea pages as well as created a few of my own. Click on any photo image to enlarge.


  1. Great way to quickly preserve your trip memories. I've always wanted to try making an online photo book.

  2. I need to do two...can I hire you to do mine?? This one is fabulous!


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