Geoffery's Birthday Club

I signed Dylan up for the Toys R Us Geoffery's Birthday Club when he was an infant. Each year it has resulted in a birthday card from Geoffery that includes a coupon/gift card for a small amount. This year the card had a coupon for $3 off a $3 or more purchase and a second coupon for a free Chuggington wooden train car. We visited the Cary location on Saturday to pick out his train car.

As we were checking out, I commented to the cashier about how it was a nice surprise from Toys R Us to receive it for free for his birthday. What I didn't realize is that they do a little in-store fun too. She immediately went to the customer service desk, broadcast his birthday to the entire store and brought back a crown and balloon for him. He also got a coloring sheet she had at the register. It was a fun, simple surprise that had my little guy a bit stunned but also very excited. He's still enjoying that balloon and, of course, his new Hodge train car. Thanks, Toys R Us!


  1. what a fun surprise for Dylan! :)

  2. That is awesome! I think I signed up years ago but then we moved and I don't think I ever updated it. Dylan looks so happy!


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