Adios Highchair

Last week Dylan's new booster seat arrived and we transitioned from the highchair. It's another one of those milestones that show me just how much he's grown - a bit bittersweet!

Relaxing in his SpaceSaver High Chair at two days old while we ate dinner.
We registered for, and received, the Fisher Price SpaceSaver High Chair before Dylan was born. In our small home it made sense as it could be used from birth to toddler and strapped into an existing dining table chair versus being a stand alone unit. I also liked that it could be converted to a booster seat by removing the tray, seat cushion and upper portion of the back. However, the booster option didn't work out for us as it is too high to push under our table. Thus I went in search of another option.

Our almost 3 year old boy sitting in his Soft Booster at dinner last night.
I ended up purchasing the Prince Lionheart Soft Booster. He was so excited when he saw the box last Tuesday morning and I pointed to it at the table. Every meal at home has been eaten sitting there ever since. He's definitely enjoying his new seat and his new spot at the table with us instead of beside it.

Update 10/21/12: While Dylan still enjoys his booster seat, I'm a little disappointed. It has "stuck" to our chair which I appreciate in that it doesn't slide off when he's getting in and out, but this has damaged the finish to the chair seat - both in looks and leaving it sticky. Some of my friends have had the same experience with similar seats from other companies. Something to keep in mind when considering this product.

Note: This review contains my personal opinion on a product we use. Neither a request nor compensation were provided.


  1. Aww. It's always so bittersweet to hit those milestones. Last week we got rid of our sons firetruck/toddler bed. He is about to be 6 and even though he still fit I knew he was ready for a twin bed. It broke my heart to get rid of the last "baby" thing in our house. Glad Dylan is so happy with his booster. :-)

  2. These milestones for sure make my heart heavy! Seems like it all happens so fast!!

    We were given a booster seat a while back and it's time to pull it out. Back in GA we stopped eating in the dining room and instead ate at a pub table in the kitchen. Now that we've moved, we are using the dining room and table again but my son is too small to sit w/o a booster!


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