Shoot and Edit: Flowers edit

I spent a bit of time last night playing around with multiple edits for my flower shot this week.  I knew starting out that I wanted to warm up the photo.  Although the flowers are from a plum tree, they are more pink in real life.  The SOOC shot had too much purple and gray.

First I tried my hand at editing it using many of the same steps I've used in the past few weeks.

For the second edit, I started off the same as the first by adjusting levels and adding high pass.  I merged the layers then used Ashley's Nice & Easy action.  I like how it added a few of the adjustments I typically use as well as one I don't always think to (hue/saturation).  I tweaked all of the layers/options except brightness/contrast.  And I turned on the solid fill layer.

Finally, I backed up in my steps using snapshots and returned to my original edit.  I duplicated the SOOC background image, applied the dry brush.  I then duplicated that layer and ran the action I made for myself weeks ago to do the high pass filter.  I merged those two layers.  Duplicated the layer it created and added the angled strokes.  I finished with the same levels and color balance I used in my first edit.

I did not try an edit with Pixel Bender as I can not find a plugin compatible with my older version of Photoshop (CS).  If anyone knows differently, please let me know - I'd love to try it.

Here is a look at all 4 side-by-side:

I like the 1st & 3rd the best - the warmth and brightness.  The differences between them are so subtle I have a hard time picking between them.  Thanks for taking a look at my edits!

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  1. Wow! This is amazing! I love the transformation that took place - but I do agree - i still really like the first picture and the fourth picture

  2. Beautiful shot and your edits are so pretty...the last one is my favorite!

  3. I think they all look great - I probably like the last one the best!

  4. Gorgeous pics and love how they all come out a little differently! Need to play with my pics a little more!

  5. I think I like edit 1 the best. I don't know why, but my eyes keep going there! They are all lovely.

  6. Beautiful. You could have stopped with the 1st edit. They are all fab.

  7. Gorgeous first edit...lovely shot! :)

  8. Beautiful! It sure makes a difference when you look at bigger size picture, then you can really see the details! Well done!


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