Shoot and Edit: Spring edit

I did not realize how dull and faded my SOOC shot was until I began to edit it.  I looked back into my previous Shoot and Edit posts to help guide me.  Here's the path I took to get to my final (and much more exciting) photo ...

  • Levels - set white and black points.  Adjusted input and output levels until they "looked" right.
  • Duplicated background layer and used high pass filter.
  • New adjustment layer - curves.  
  • Merged all layers.
  • Duplicated background layer and applied Gaussian Blur (1.8px).
  • New adjustment layer - levels.  Set white and black points.  Tweaked RGB as well as red, green and blue individually.
  • New adjustment layer - brightness/contrast (+3/-2).
  • New adjustment layer - color balance.
  • Solid fill layer using color #FFE53A.  Soft light blend.  50% opacity for layer.
  • Merged all layers.

After I saved my edited photo, I followed Ashley's instructions this week for sharpening photos for the web.   I'm quite pleased with the outcome.  Kind of leaves me feeling like I might find a few bits of sand on my desk.  :)

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  1. You've nailed it this week - I love the color and I love the sharpness. Really great job this week!

  2. What a difference the editing makes. I love those little wrinkled feet!

  3. Agree - really fantastic photo. Your edits are spot on.

  4. So cute! Great edit!

  5. awesome editing love the final edit!


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