Shoot and Edit: Yellow edit

I had a lot of fun playing with this little ducky.  I love his worn look and am really happy with how the edit came out.

Here are my steps ...
  • Levels - set white and black points.  Adjusted input and output levels until they "looked" right.
  • Duplicated background layer and used high pass filter.
  • New adjustment layer - curves.  
  • Merged all layers.
  • Duplicated background layer and applied Gaussian Blur.
  • New adjustment layer - levels.  Set white and black points.  Tweaked RGB.
  • New adjustment layer - brightness/contrast.
  • New adjustment layer - color balance.
  • Merged all layers.

Then I followed Ashley's instructions this week for adding sun flare with a few tweaks...

  • Created 3 duplicate layers of the background layer and renamed each starting from the bottom: lens flare, lighten and contrast.
  • Selected the contrast layer.  Changed the blending mode to soft light and lowered opacity to 70%.
  • Selected the lighten layer.  Changed the blending mode to screen and lowered opacity to 50%.
  • Selected the lens flare layer.  Filter>Render>Lens Flare.  I tried the different types of lens flare options and ended up with 105mm Prime at 100%.  I lowered the layer opacity to 75%.
  • Selected the lighten layer.  Added a new adjustment layer - levels.  Adjusted the input and output levels slightly.  Lowered the layer opacity to 78%.
  • Selected the contrast layer.  Added a new adjustment layer - photo filter.  Applied warming filter 81 at 25% density.  Checked preserve luminosity.
  • Added a solid fill layer using color #F4F6DF.  Blending mode soft light.  Layer opacity 9%.
  • Duplicated the solid fill layer.  Changed the blending mode to screen and lowered the layer opacity to 4%.
  • Merged all layers.

    Finally I followed Ashley's steps from last week regarding sharpening to improve my image for the web.  Here's the final edit:

    Join in the fun with Jill Samter Photography and Ramblings and Photos:


    1. I really like what you've done - much warmer!

    2. Sarah, I'm always amazed at the difference the editing makes in your photos! This is no exception!

    3. Th edits made a huge difference! I like how you are documenting exactly what you did....I can't remember when I finish what I did. I should write it down:)


    Thanks for leaving a comment! I enjoy reading them all. :)