Shamrock Art

We were excited to participate in our usual Thursday playgroup today.  Dylan & I have missed the last two weeks due to other adventures.  Today we joined our friends for art and lunch at Allison's house.  She found a great idea online for a Tissue Paper Shamrock Craft.  It turned out to be the perfect, quick craft that entertained 4 toddlers and resulted in very little mess (a huge plus all around!).

I printed the shamrock template from the website and used it to trace and cut outlines from black scrapbook paper.  Each shamrock was approximately 7" high by 6" wide.  We moms stuck them to a sheet of clear contact paper.  Then we gave one to each of the boys and put a basket full of tissue paper bits (greens & yellow) in the center of the train table in front of them.

Each boy had his own method.  It was funny to watch.  Dylan wasn't sure what to do at first and then became very serious about his project:

Then he got a bit wilder - shaking and crumpling up his art:

When the boys finished, we set their art aside to add a second layer of contact paper to the top to seal them in.  I brought Dylan's home as is (haven't decided whether or not to trim around the shamrock shape - I kind of like the wild outside of the lines look) and hung it up on our patio door for a photo.  Love the overlapping of the colors:

I'm so grateful for my crafty friends!  This was lots of fun.  :)

P.S. Although not blatantly obvious from the angle of the photos, I thought I should add in case you haven't seen via Facebook or Twitter - yes, Dylan is sporting quite the shiner at the moment.  He fell while pushing one of our dining room chairs on Sunday morning and hit the edge of the seat resulting in a scratch plus nasty bruising. Thankfully, it looks far worse than it is.


  1. I think Dylan has your creative genes! I'd hate to cut a bit of it off!

  2. That came out so cute and it looks like Dylan had a lot of fun. I remember doing that with Amanda way back when but we did it for Valentine's Day. Good times! :)


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