Road Trip

We took Dylan on his first big road trip for Thanksgiving. On Wednesday morning we loaded up the car and drove to Virginia to visit some of my family. He did very well - slept the first half of the ride and rode happily most of the rest.

We went to his Great Papa Smith's house on Thursday where he managed to sleep through Thanksgiving lunch - waking only after most of the family had left.

Wishing his Uncle Christopher a happy birthday:

On Friday, Dylan & I accompanied Grama & Pops to a Christmas tree farm where Pops cut down their tree. The view of the Blue Ridge Mountains from the farm was beautiful. It was a cold day - perfect Christmas weather.

Dylan posing with Grama & Pops before we left on Saturday morning:

On the way home, we stopped for a visit with his Great MawMaw and Great PawPaw (Trent's grandparents). They were more than thrilled with the surprise visit from their only great grandchild.

Sunday the three of us enjoyed a quiet day together including a long walk outdoors (it was 69 and sunny!) and picking out our own Christmas tree.


  1. What a happy little guy! Have a great day. :-)

  2. Hi Sarah :) I'm catching up with all my favorite blogging friends. Wow, Dylan has just come on in leaps and bounds - he looks so very happy - and so does his mom!! xx

  3. Seems like he is so happy most of the time. How wonderful that you stopped for his great grandparents to see him!

  4. Oh you got so many great pictures and memories I'm sure! Love them!

  5. Aw, cute, cute cute! What great family fun. :)

  6. He has gotten so big! And such smiles!


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