Say What?

It's true. People say the darnedest things particularly to pregnant women. I just hope nothing like this has ever slipped from my mouth. And, thankfully, have a good sense of humor that I can laugh at these statements that have been said directly to me over the last couple of weeks. (Keep in mind, I still have 13 weeks to go!)

From a stranger at a party who immediately rubbed my belly...

When are you due?
Early July.
Really? My daughter is due late July and I'm really worried because she isn't as big as you are.
After dinner at a local restaurant that same night, the cashier asked me if I was expecting. What the gender was. When I was due. After telling her early July, she paused and said, "Early July? Wow. Long way to go. Big baby."

A family member (we'll leave it that vague) ... "You're a lot bigger than you were last week." I think this was the result of my clothing. "Last week" I wore a slim fitting t-shirt. "This week" I had on a looser fitting top.

The OB at yesterday's appointment, after looking at my chart, "I see you've had a good weight gain." If still being 2 lbs below my pre-pregnancy weight (I lost 10lbs the first trimester) is a good gain, I'll take that. Then when measuring my belly, "Your belly is on the big side. Baby's had a growth spurt." Really? I haven't been in the doctor's office in 6 weeks. Seems like a "growth spurt" would be expected. ;)

Honestly, I'm now quite curious to see what is said to me next. And, perhaps I should start counting belly rubs too as my belly has suddenly become public property. Trent keeps asking if rubbing my belly is good luck. Well, we haven't won the lottery yet - oh, wait, you have to actually play it to win, don't you? Let me buy a ticket and I'll share the answer. In the meantime, for those readers of mine who've been down this road before, what humorous comments do you recall?


  1. Just wait until you have the baby and people offer you "tidbits". that in combination with lack of sleep doesnt always go over well!

  2. I can't believe that people just come up to you and rub your belly. I remember people doing this to my friend, I find it rude. Unless the pregnant person says, "Feel this" why would anyone think it is ok to touch? I love the people that ask if you are pregnant!! You should mess with them and say no! Just to see their reaction:)

  3. Oh I remember that when people thought you were public property! I was teaching international students (adults) the last time I was pregnant and had people doing it ALL day to me! And the bigger you get, the more it seems to happen, so you forewarned!

    Just enjoy every single minute ofit though because that little one will be here before you know it and you'll miss being pregnant - believe it or not!!

  4. Oh gosh! I don't really have anything exactly funny that I can recall. Just people telling me that I'm "really showing now". And they all act surprised, like I'm only a few months pregnant or something, when they all know good and well I'm farther along. I just say "Um yeah, I should be, I'm 7 months!" Geez...

  5. Sarah, you look fantastic and you have the sense of humor to match that. I think you should keep track of all the little comments and put them in a book, lol. "What NOT to say to a pregnant woman" lol.

    I don't remember anything funny but I was working at Michael's when I was pregnant with Owen and it drove me nuts that they wouldn't even let me pick up a basket full fake flowers. Like I was actually going to have that baby right there in the middle of the store, really now,lol.

    I had a friend who was Pregnant with her 4th child and we were at the fair, she was taking her youngest(at the time) son on the farris wheel and the operator said pregnant ladies weren't aloud on, she quickly put on her offended face and said she wasn't pregnant. The look on the guys face was halarious.

  6. I had "funny" encounters like this! I didn't have the greatest sense of humor about it though. :/ I had someone bounce my belly up and down vigorously. What the? Who does that? Yes, it's a little person in there, but hello. It's still my belly. I can feel that, you know?
    I found your blog googling "altered candy jar" and the one that you made in February for Valentine's Day came up. So cute... :D I'm trying to make party favors, and I thought of maybe doing something like that. Anywho. I'll stop rambling.

  7. I didn't get many comments but I was amazed by how many people thought pregnancy was an open invitation to touch/rub my belly.

    Fun post :)

  8. LOL!! Isn't it funny how when you're pregnant, people think it's a free ticket to be able to say whatever they want without thinking?? When I was pregnant with Jamie, we ended up having an amnio (cutting a long story short here); when everything came back clear and we asked what else could have caused abnormal measurements on his ultrasound, we were told, "well, it could also just be that he's been eating well in there and had a growth spurt"!

  9. I do remember that with the first preg, people immeadiately offered baby advice, once you tell them that is a 2nd preg (or later I imagine) they just smile and nod and go away! Guess its there duty to scare first time mothers!

  10. Hi, Sarah, sounds like standard first baby fare to me. The only thing I can remember 21 years ago {gasp} was AFTER I gave birth and a stranger at a store assumed I was preggers - ouch! LOLOL Oh, yeah, another thing while I was like in my last trimester was a couple of workmates kept going back and forth about if the baby was high it was this sex or vice versa (we kept it a surprise). Our secretary swore by the way I carried, it was gonna be a girl and she was right, but was it a guess? Who knows, lol. xoxo

  11. You look great!! LOL, that brings back recent memories:) Unfortunately the size commentary doesn't stop after baby is born...but luckily, the comments are generally geared toward the BABY's size. One person will say he's small for age, the next will say he's large. My advice, just smile and nod, lol;)


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