Everywhere I turn there are lists of what a baby should, could, might be doing at certain ages. While I skim the monthly lists in one of my books, I don't spend a lot of time worrying about them. I trust we'll hit each accomplishment in due time and want to have fun with Dylan. Enjoy his baby days.

This relaxed attitude might be part of why I missed a new milestone until our pediatrician pointed it out to me at our checkup on Friday - Dylan can tripod! I thought it would still be a month or two before we'd be close to this and nearly fell over when she showed me.

Yesterday morning I set Dylan up just to see again and, sure enough, he stayed up long enough for me to snap a few photos...

Flashed a big grin seconds before he tipped over...

I'm still sticking to my initial "we'll get there when we get there" attitude, but I confess I'm pretty darn proud. And curious as to what else he can do.


  1. Oh, he is just DARLING! I'm loving all the pics of him on your blog. So happy for you! It's such an exciting time in the first year (especially for the first baby).

    Good to hear from you again and get caught up!


  2. He is a doll! Keep bragging proud mama...you have earned the right! How exciting to see all those firsts. Hope you are doing well too?!

  3. awe, he's adorable! Great pictures and great attitude! Love catching up here!

  4. Already! It seems like he was just born and now he is on his way to sitting up.

  5. so cute!I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.


  6. He is so cute.
    Sarah, I used to read books and books, and searched the internet for things my son supposed to be doing... one day, I decided to not do that anymore...I went the old fashion way... i called my mom an asked for for advice :)

  7. good for you with the relaxed attitude... I think I worried WAY too much about that stuff with Evan and forgot to really enjoy him.. but then the 2nd time around I was much better.. it really does go by so fast and I'm glad you are enjoying this time! he's such a cutie!!


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