Weighing In & Rub-ons in Cute Tins

This morning I took Cali to the vet for her weigh-in. During her check-up in January, she was down to 9.1 lbs. The vet had agreed to try my idea of monitoring her food more (Chester is our little resident piglet & food stealer) to see if we could get her weight back in a healthy range. I was very happy to see 10.5 lbs on the scale. :) Now to maintain it with both cats officially spoiled and expecting canned food twice a day will be the tricky part.

I spent a bit of time afterwards cleaning up in my scrap room and putting away some new supplies. I went to Big Lots yesterday in search of American Crafts products. They had a good assortment of rub-ons & ribbons. I also found some cute Making Memories products.

I've been storing small rub-on packs from Making Memories & Doodlebug Designs in my PB Kids art caddy. It's right beside my desk making them easy to grab. I wanted to keep the new AC ones out as well. Thankfully I picked up a couple metal tins from the $ spot at Target earlier this month. They fit perfectly in one on the corner of my desk.


  1. Awesome that Cali is back in a healthy weight, and how cool that you found so many goodies in BL.

  2. Glad to hear Cali is putting on weight! The same thing happened with Tinsel. Now I feed her extra (w/o Lily around) and she's gaining it back.

    Glad you found some goodies at BL! I may have to go back and pick up those AC rub-ons. I really like the brown ones. Saw and almost picked up those same tins at Target! :-)

  3. Ok just jealous over here. Our Big Lots never has the cool stuff that everyone else seems to find!

  4. Glad your kitty is doing better. It's a pain when they start needing those special diets, but they're worth it!! Oh, and I could use help cleaning my scraproom if you're for hire.... :)

  5. Good for your kitty! Hope she maintains it! I was at Big Lots this past week and picked up some rub-ons too. You can't beat $2 for rub-ons!

  6. Congrats on the food handling. We'd gotten into the bad habit when Sheila was alinve of leaving thei dog bowl out with food in it. Last month I started sitting down with Reggie and a bowl of food and making him eat once a day same time, right then. He's done really well and no more birds or other moochers on our back porch anymore....


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