Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Tonight we went over to Durham for the Bulls season opener.
Absolutely perfect baseball weather as the temperature dropped into the 70s. We had an enjoyable evening with friends in spite of the disappointing loss.

For those wondering where Mickey was on the Tink layout I shared yesterday, here's a close-up shot. I punched a couple of small holes on either side of an existing hole from the {note}worthy paper's spiral bounding. :)


  1. Love a day out at the ballpark and your weather sounds perfect. Jeremy was at the Philly's game last night (well unless it got rained out, haven't heard from him today). His girlfriend's Dad got them box seats to watch the Cubs.

  2. Sounds like a good day at the ball park & I loved your timk page!!

  3. Wow what great shots of the ball park.
    Looks like a grand day at the ball game.
    Ok now I have take me out to the ball game in my head. LOL

  4. Great ball field shot. Glad you had fun. Cute Mickey "imprint".


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