A Senior?

Today was Cali's annual check-up with the vet. I had scheduled to drop her off before work and have Trent pick her up at lunchtime when I made the appointment. At 7.5 years, this was to be her first "senior" check-up. I'm still stumbling over that as I think of my cats as my "toddlers."

The vet called me during lunch and said Cali was trying to "dig her way out" of the cage. Poor girl. Her check-up went well overall. There is a concern about her weight though. She's lost a 1/2 lb since her last check-up and had lost 1 lb the year before. The vet ordered a few tests and we should know the results by Thursday or Friday. Hopefully, it's just that Chester (our little piggy) is taking all the food. I'm going to try to feed her a bit extra without him in the room and see if that helps.

After work I had a church committee meeting so it was nearly 9 when I got home. I did manage to finish putting together the cover for my cat mini album which I gave a sneak peek of on Sunday. But still a ways to go. If I can steal some more time the next few days, perhaps by next week I'll have a finished project to share.


  1. Prayers for kitty. :) Hope the tests come back good.

  2. I hope Cali gets a clean bill of health. You just reminded me that my Floyd would also be considered a "senior"; he'll be 9 this summer!

  3. The babies stay 2 years old to me too. I call them kittens and then are 3, 5,6, and 10.

  4. Hope all went well with the checkup. Senior and toddler cats...who knew?!?! LOL

    I was sure we'd see more of the mini today ;) I'll keep checking!

  5. Hope everything is perfect with Cali and can´t wait to see your kitty album.

  6. I sure hope Cali is OK! She's about a year older than Tinsel. Tinsel has lost a bit of weight, but we know it's b/c Lily eats it all and chases her around all the time. Hopefully that's the case with Cali, too! Let us know!


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