Travel Photo Contest Entry

For the last couple of years, I've intended to enter the local paper's annual Travel Photo Contest. I procrastinated and never did. This year? I procrastinated to within 2 hours of the end of the submission period. But, I got it in.

Part of my issue has always been picking one photo. I love lots of photos I take for various reasons, but wanted to select just the right one for this. There were 3 categories and you could only enter one photo in one category. Trent helped me choose and we settled on this one:

Secret Garden (click to enlarge)

I took it on our third day in England last month. It was my second day alone while Trent was working. The sun was out after a very cold, rainy day the day before. I was determined to get out and explore Oxford. My first plan was to tour Christ Church. I walked through the Meadow on my way to the public entrance and after crossing a small bridge, I saw this garden hiding on the other side of a wall. The details caught my attention. The softness and vibrant green of the moss against the cold, gray hard stone. The sunlit garden in the background. And the door. I wasn't able to see where it leads, but, given the connection to Alice in Wonderland, I like to think it's a secret door. Where do you think it goes?

If you like my photo too, I'd appreciate a vote (or 5 - max allowed per hour :) ). You can find it here: http://triangle.upickem.net/r/5JvCPwJXTYN?r=419324 Voting ends at 5pm on December 27th. Thanks!

**Updated: thank you! I was thrilled to receive 6,080 votes for my photo and top the list for the "Scenery" category. **


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