Preschooler Pieced Christmas Tree Cards

Today is the Christmas celebration at preschool. We'll be leaving work early to see the kids do a small show (a carol or two perhaps?), have some snacks and, of course give the teachers a gift to celebrate the season but also say thank you.

While I love Pinterest and crafting, I keep things simple and give the teachers a gift card. I did want to do something special though. The idea quickly came to me - have Dylan create a card for each of them.

After preschool yesterday, he and I went upstairs to our craft room where I spread assorted supplies out on the floor. I grabbed 2 blank white cards, a bin of scrap paper, his scissors, a glue stick and stamping supplies. I loosely showed him the idea of how to create a "tree" with strips of paper by laying out various pieces on the floor. Then I helped him select papers from my scraps. We both cut several strips, but he did the rest. He chose the pieces, glued them in place, inked the star stamp and stamped them. Inside he added a sentiment with a "Merry Christmas" stamp and stamped 2 flowers just because he liked them.

Me? I proudly watched and grinned. I love that he enjoys art so much and was impressed at the beautiful cards he made. Inside I wrote a simple note to each teacher expressing our thanks for all they do in the classroom and wishing them a Merry Christmas.

What do you do for teacher gifts?


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    1. Thank you! So easy and he loved doing something special for his teachers.


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