Instajunction Photo Gifts

Take a lot of Instagram photos? I do. Print a lot of your Instagram photos? Neither do I. Which is sad because I share a LOT and (may I toot my own horn here?) I think a lot are pretty awesome so I really should. Thus, I was excited when given the opportunity to try Instajunction - a new company in the UK dedicated to turning your Instagram photos into beautiful gifts.

A few of the products offered from Instajunction
Honestly, the hardest two decisions are choosing a product and which Instagram photos to use. The product options range from magnets to framed prints, from wall calendars to coasters, and more. Once you make your selection, link your Instagram account and begin picking which images you want to use.

One tip when selecting, if you think you might want a photo, click it. If you change your mind later, you can delete it easier than going back to get it. The right arrow will take you further back in your Instagram feed, but clicking the left will reset you to the most recent.

Also, photos will fall into place as you select them. You cannot change their order and they don't necessary match the shown order when printed. Ie, for the minibook, the photos were not in the order shown on the screenshot above. This was okay for me as I was creating the minibook for Dylan. He won't mind the order but will enjoy flipping through the pages looking at the photos. Thankfully, the paper is a nice thick card stock with a simple plastic cover so it should hold up pretty well with a 4 year old.

Small Instajunction Minibook
I may have to make one for myself next. It is a cute way to show off your photos and also comes in a larger approximately 4x4 size.

I also selected some Polaroid Style Card prints for the scrapbook I'm working on of our trip to England. They are printed on the same thick card stock as the minibooks and came packaged in a special envelope ensuring they held their smooth finish and sharp corners during shipment.

Packaged Polaroid Style Cards
 I was pleased with how the images turned out and think the white space will be perfect for journaling. Watch for a future post where I will share the scrapbook and how I used these.

Instajunction Polaroid Style Cards
I did notice that all of the prints had a bit of a grainy look. I think this has more to do with the saved images from Instagram than a printing issue as I've seen the same thing in prints from other companies. I'm mentioning it purely for a complete, open review. Overall, I'm very happy with the quality and price. I would order from Instajunction again.

Interested in ordering your own prints? Get 15% off your Instajunction order using code FR10BT6X. Expires December 31, 2013.

Note: A £25 gift code was provided to me to select product(s) for review. The opinions expressed are are strictly my own.


  1. This is so cool, thanks for sharing! :)

    1. Thanks, Natalie! It is a great option. Nice to finally see some of these photos in print and not just on my phone.


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