Welcome, Fall

In honor of the first day of fall yesterday, I went up to our attic and retrieved our fall wreath.  I love hanging it each year as it makes the door look so nice and inviting plus fall is my favorite season.

I made the wreath a few years ago for $3.  Yes, 3 dollars.  I purchased the grapevine wreath, flowers and leaves all from the dollar store.  Then I cut apart the flower/leaf groupings and arranged them on the wreath.  Simple and affordable.

Do you have a wreath on your front door this time of year?


  1. Pretty! And wow - $3, that's great! I love seasonal wreaths and usually have one on the door and/or LR Wall.

  2. That's amazing - it's beautiful and I can't beleive you only spent 3 dollars! LOL! Love it :)

    Also, thanks for your sweet comments on my blog - it made my day :)

  3. Beautiful! ...just decorated our fall wreath...I love fall too!

  4. Love the wreath! And for $3, you can't beat that!! I need to get my fall wreath out for the door... it's still in storage!

  5. $3 is awesome and you did a great job. I need to get mine out of the basement.

  6. Very pretty, Sarah! Fall is my favorite time of year. You've inspired me to get out my decorations!


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