Our sneakers right now:

I was inspired by this month's photography challenge at Design House Digital to get a shot of something lined up.  It immediately made me think of our shoes.  Seems like I constantly walk past Dylan's shoes and pause thinking how cute and small they are.  He recently switched from size 3 to size 4.  I'm glad I saw the challenge and took the time to photograph this little bit of everyday.  It won't be long before his feet are as big as ours!


  1. Such a cute photo. It's the little everyday things that will mean the most in a few years. Sorry I haven't been commenting lately. I have been reading though. :)

  2. Great idea for a photo. I see a scrapbook page coming out of this! Check my blog today for a surprise.

  3. Great photo. I love the significance of the contrast in size.

  4. cute picture and idea.


  5. Sarah that is such a neat photo!
    When Dylan is older you need to do another and then when he's in highschool his will morf all of yours (lol)!! Great shot!


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