Day at the Zoo

We had a wonderful visit yesterday to the NC Zoo in Asheboro. The weather was sunny and in the mid-70s making it perfect to get out and see the animals. The zoo is quite large and divided into two sections - North America and Africa. We started at the Africa entrance planning to visit just that one half. Walking the entire zoo is approximately 5 miles and, at 26 weeks, I wasn't sure if I was up to that. Suprisingly, I felt great the entire day and we walked almost all of it!

At the start of the day checking out the elephants:

Better view of the elephants from further down the path (even though we enjoyed this new path during our visits last year, I'm still in awe how close we can get to the elephants now) :

Bison relaxing (these guys were always way across the field and hard to see during our visits last year) :

Pardon the glare from the glass - this chimp was a total showoff and had fun coming up to the window & interacting with the kids:

Giraffe (the zoo is opening a new feeding station next month where you can feed the giraffe leaves - can't wait to try this on our next visit) :

And, yes, I did manage to capture a few shots of a zebra as I mentioned in yesterday's post. This particular zebra was starting to chase a couple ostrich:

Still having fun chasing those ostrich around and entertaining the crowd:


  1. I like the monkey pic ... hehe ... so funny ...

    I'm up.

  2. Great pictures! I'm so jealous that you were able to go to the zoo in April! And you look so cute with your new belly :)

  3. I love the monkey pict too! I'm trying not to be too jealous that you had a sunny day in the 70's! Looks like a fun day

  4. The pictures are great. So glad you had great weather. I LOVE going to the zoo. There is just something about it. :)

  5. Oh, that looks like so much fun! I can't even tell you when I last went to the zoo. You look adorable!

    Hey, I tagged you on my blog for Photo Tag!

  6. they don't eat the ostrich do they?

    How fun you took the baby to the zoo! :)




  7. that's a very interesting color on the elephants. Like rust brown type. What kinda elephants are they?

  8. i love giraffes! i want to come feed them! hehe :)

  9. Wow Sarah, these Photos are incredible!! I love the one of the Zebra chasin the Ostiches. I am glad you are feeling so well, that ia a LOT of walking when carrying around your own little one too.

  10. we are heading there on the 25th with a group from church! Im so excited, its been a long time. These are cool pics too!

  11. Oh I love the zoo! You got some great pics!

  12. Great photos!! I love the giraffes :) And you look fantastic!

  13. Wow, this looks like a beautiful zoo. I love the natural setting. You got some great photos, Sarah! They will be fun to sb!


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