PhotoHunt: Stripes

We're off to spend the day at the North Carolina Zoo which led me think of zebras for this week's PhotoHunt theme. We missed seeing them last year. I went back in my files to 2004 to find this particular photo. Hopefully, we'll catch a few out and about today.

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3. Life Ramblings
4. Cindy
5. Sherry at EX Marks the Spot
6. Gypsy at Heart
7. srp
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9. Cindy O

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  1. Fantastic "stripe" photo. It's a gorgeous shot!

  2. I was hoping to see some zebras today!

    I played too :)

  3. Have fun at the zoo... it's not quite nice enough for that here but the sun is shining brightly right now which is promising!

  4. i love the zebra stripes. great capture!

  5. Today's theme would not have been complete without some zebras! Nice shot.

  6. Love the photo! I've been wanting to dig out my photos of my last zoo visit. Maybe seeing yours has motivated me! Hehe ;)

    HAPPY LAST WEEK OF THE 2ND TRIMESTER!!! Woohoo! :) I hope the third trimester doesn't last as long as this one has, sheesh!

  7. Is there anything more worthy of a stripe photo than a zebra? I think not.
    Have a good weekend.

  8. I don't usually like zoos. These zebras don't seem to mind. Good shot.

  9. I haven't been to the zoo in such a long time. Love the zebra's... much better in the wild or in a zoo than in a coat. Great shot!
    My stripes are here.

  10. The very stripiest of the striped!

  11. Great photo, I love visiting the zoo


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