28 Weeks

Found these questions in a post by Laura this week on Cameron Crazy blog and thought they would be a good way to document how my pregnancy is going at this point.

How far along? 28 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: One pound gain. I weigh myself at home each Wednesday morning and lost weight the entire first trimester. It wasn't something I was trying to do. I suppose it was caused by my loss of appetite. The OB assured me in January that it was nothing to worry about. As of last week, I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight and this Wednesday found I'm one pound up.

Maternity clothes? About 90% of the pants & tops I wear are now maternity. I can still use a few regular items such as printed t-shirts for working out (although I've warned Trent that I may soon raid his drawers since mine are starting to get snug on the belly).

Stretch marks? Not that I'm aware of.

Sleep: Fairly well. I have nights were I feel as though I'm up every hour and others where I only wake a couple of times. I'm adapting better to sleeping on my side, but still dislike it. I miss back sleeping.

Best moment this week: Any time the little guy is active - especially when he moves around for Trent. I really believe he knows when his dad's hand is on my belly. Either that or hears me mentally saying, "kick for him," over and over again.

Movement: A lot. He used to follow a schedule (morning, after lunch and bedtime). I still feel him those times of day, but now there are a lot of inbetween "play times" as well. :)

Food cravings: Still enjoying the "3 C's" - cantaloupe, chocolate & Cheetos - although I am not noticing the strong "must have" desire for these that I've had in the past.

Labor Signs: None.

Belly Button in or out? In. But definitely much more shallow and rounder than pre-pregnancy.

What I miss: Sleeping on my back. Being able to tie my shoes from a seated position without feeling as though I can't breathe.

What I am looking forward to: Meeting the little guy. Holding him. Watching Trent with him. :)

Weekly Wisdom: Don't believe every pregnancy horror story you read online.

Milestones: I now have to lean forward a little to see my feet. I think I first noticed this last week, but it is pretty funny how one day you can look straight down and there they are. The next day it's "where'd my feet go?"


  1. oooh!
    this is great...
    I wonder if I can get my dil to fill this out. She is due the 20th...sooooo exciting.

    I carry a mapquest direction to the hospital in my purse!!

  2. i remember this all so well.. the 2nd trimester is usually the feel good time.. enjoy the sleep while it lasts..

  3. ahhhh chocolate and cheetos :)

  4. Aw, that's so sweet!! LOL about the three C's! Isn't being pregnant an AMAZING thing?! So excited for you!!!

  5. Great way to document this special time in your life! Glad you're feeling so well!

  6. I enjoyed reading your answers. I am glad all is going well for you and the baby.

  7. Great post! It brought back lots of memories for me - thank you :) I can't believe how quickly this time is flying by! And I'm thrilled about how well you are feeling - I hope it lasts all the way through to Week 40! We are all here cheering you on :)

  8. Looks like some good SB journaling to me!


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