6 Baby Names

Aimeslee tagged me in January to list 6 baby names that made our semi-finalist list. It was impossible for me to even start a list at the time because Trent & I had decided to wait until we knew the baby's gender before discussing ideas. Now that we've had some time to think about it, I'll share a few of the names that have come up in our discussions and reasons why they haven't made the list...

  1. Gavin - I actually suggested this name and still like it, but I can't pronounce it! LOL Trent laughed every time I tried to say it.
  2. Clark - too much of a tongue twister with our last name that begins with "C." Seriously, I stumbled over it the first time out of my mouth. One of those "say this 5 times fast" sort of things.
  3. Braeden - Trent's first response was "like braidin' hair?" And off the list it went.
  4. Russell - as a teenager I babysat for a little boy with this name and his 2 brothers - all were quite the handful. I haven't seen them in years, but those images stick with me so this was an instant no.
  5. Henry - liked this one until I remembered it's the name of a coworker's dog. An association (even though unintended) that I don't want. Strike it.
  6. Trent suggested Frank Ulysses as a joke. Nothing wrong with either name, but combine them with a last name that starts with "C"? Enough said. ;)
Wondering what name we have chosen? So far we can't agree on one! But, even if we had, my lips would be sealed. When we agreed to find out the baby's gender before birth (I initially wanted to wait, but finally sided with Trent on finding out early), we also agreed that we would keep the name a secret until the little fellow makes his appearance.


  1. FU lol! that's a good one, you don't even need the C! ;)

    How are you mispronouncing Gavin??

  2. What a fun list! :-) We had a couple in mind when our daughter was born but hadn't settled on one. When we saw her, we knew immediately which one to choose!

  3. Oh, the other thing to consider is the initials -- first, middle, last name. Make sure they don't imply something embarrassing! lol

  4. I like henry, but our association is with a cat. I just dont want to look at my new son and think of a cat.

  5. ohhh my. isn't picking out names fun?! :) for some reason, hubby and i had already picked out our names before we were even expecting. hmmmmm. :)

  6. Interesting list! Isn't it funny how we associate certain things or people with certain names.

  7. waiting.. ugh... i guess i will have to..
    i love gavin.. good luck with the names.. sometimes looking on the social security with there names helps.. that is how i found ivy's name..

  8. Well, hey, this list is better and You didn't forget! You are the best, Sarah! Hey, I came by to leave you this link to go see this baby mat, it is soooo cute and makes me wanna play choo-choo:


    Maybe someone you know who sews can make you one. I wish it were me, but you wouldn't want what I sewed, LOLOL.

    Back to those names, yeah, the Frank Ulysses helps me understand your DH a little better, along with the braidin hair comment. He must be a riot, too funny! ;-))

    I have to say tho, I really LIKE Russell Co-----, too bad you can't take that pill to wipe out unpleasant memory images. winkwink

  9. I like Gavin but that might not work if you can't pronounce it LOL

    I had my son's name picked out when I was 15. Fortunate for me dh liked it.

  10. Thanks for sharing your list of rejects. I was lol at some of the reasons. And I agree with Janet about the initials

  11. Oh I can't wait to see what the name will be! I like all those, love Gavin. ;) I'm so excited for you. :D

  12. This is another one of the fun parts about pregnancy...it's amazing how those associations can come up! We had several names that we scratched off our lists because one of us would remember a classmate from school, or someone's pet with the same name :) Natalie was actually going to be called Jennifer all the way up until about a week before her due date - then we heard Natalie Merchant singing on the radio in the grocery store - we looked at each other, and that was it - decision made! :)

  13. How funny! One of my close friend's son's name is Gavin...I don't know how you decide on a name - what a process! So many things to think about! Keep having fun with it...can't wait to hear the final choice!


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