Teacher Appreciation

It's Teacher Appreciation Week and while there are a million cute ideas floating around on Pinterest and social media, we kept things simple. Truly, this is the gift I give Dylan's teachers for every occasion - a card with written note and a gift card.

I love crafting and DIY. I know there are plenty of great things we could make. But I've also been personally stressed the last few years by too much stuff. It particularly hit me when moving. On the other hand, I know I could use a Target gift card on a weekly basis and assume that his teachers could too. Hopefully they will use it to splurge on something for themselves.

And there is the note. Particularly in this digital age, I don't think there is much more powerful that the written note. In the past, I've usually taken that role and made sure to express how much we appreciate what Dylan's teachers do for him on a daily basis. I know teaching, comforting, and having patience for hours each day with 25 four year olds is challenging. He comes home happy, telling stories about his day and new things we had no idea he knew. And he hugs his teachers goodbye every day. Those things are all proof to me of how great they are at their job.

Now that Dylan is learning to write, I had him help this year. I handed him plain white cards and wrote the names of his teachers on a piece of paper along with "Thank you! Love, Dylan" for him to refer to. He carefully sat at our kitchen table and wrote out both cards as well as drew hearts and flowers inside (he wouldn't let me take a photo though!). I was so proud and think his teachers are sure to appreciate that note and the love behind it.

Thanks to all of our teachers. I hope you feel appreciated by parents not just this week, but every week of the year.


  1. dude, kudos to you! C is not so fond of his teachers this year, and it was a pain trying to get him to write a note... i hope the starbucks giftcard will help his teachers in overlooking the lack of substance in his note haha.

    1. He typically enjoys drawing and writing, but I definitely have to make my request at the right time. If he's too tired, forget it. A Starbucks gift card sounds like a win in my book!


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