Master Closet DIY Shelving

Our master closet has needed a little work from day 1. Overall, it was in good condition. Larger than that in our previous house. Plenty of hanging space, but only one skinny shelving unit. Next to the shelving, behind the door, was a leftover dead space with only a tie rack. We've discussed adding shelving here and finally, Trent got us started 2 weekends ago.

He took measurements and cleared the space. Then we headed to Lowe's to purchase 1x12 utility shelving boards.

Trent constructed the shelving in our garage. Dylan and I grabbed rollers and painted it glossy white to match the existing shelving. Our DIY house projects are truly family affairs.

Finally, Trent put it in place in our master closet while I completed the paint - painting the wall behind in white and touching up the shelving.

I took photos while I was still waiting on the paint to dry completely. All but 2 shelves currently have clothing or toiletries on it. We're planning to store some linens for our room as well since, strangely enough, this house does not have a linen closet. Oh and we still need to rehang the door. It was easier to install with the door off as well as load the shelves while we decided what we wanted where.

Overall, I'm thrilled. It's simple, but Trent did a great job of matching the existing shelving. It's very functional. So nice to have this extra storage space! And to check one more "to do" off that long list.

Cost: under $60


  1. Love! We are losing our master walk-in closet when we move, so I have been scouting ideas on closets!

    1. Thanks! This is our 5th closet re-do altogether. We reworked all 3 in the bedrooms plus the laundry closet at the previous house. A few tweaks and it's amazing how much better they can function!

  2. We all need more space in our closet. Of course, I could tell my husband to move his stuff to another closet and I would have tons of space, but that would be so "wrong." This works out better. Really nice job....

    1. LOL We had to use separate closets at first in our previous house. I had planned to modify the master, but then we ended up ripping out all the builder installed shelving and starting from scratch with a new layout. Made all the difference. We went from room for just to me to plenty of room for both of us. Now that I have about 4x the space though, I'm wondering how we ever managed that!


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