Strawberry Patch

One of my favorite parts of spring? Visiting the strawberry patch to pick fresh berries. Last year we went over Memorial Day weekend and took my mom & brother with us. We filled two buckets full and I'm pretty sure Dylan ate about as many as he picked based on the red stains on his face.

Strawberry Patch

Inspired by Book Boys by Jennifer McQuire.

Supplies: Linen Line No 3 - Fresh papers by Agnes Biro; Strawberry Patch and Summer Picnic kits by Sara Schmutz; One Year Older kit by Karen Funk


  1. i loved doing this when I was younger! thanks for the reminder, now i'm off to look for strawberry patches in the area.. esp. since my 2-yr-old loooooves strawberries. :-)

    1. We frequently drive past this particular patch and my son asks all year long when it's time to go again. Nothing better than fresh berries and a chance to show them where food really comes from.


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